Will this work for people my age, or with my medical condition?

We get this question a lot. Here's what we know for sure. We have customers of every age group - who have used our products successfully and have had great results. If you read through the reviews, you'll find testimonials from women who had great results after losing their gorgeous pregnancy hair, and women who used our products during and after going through menopause, as well as much later in life.

As for medical conditions like alopecia, Hashimotos, or other conditions that can cause hair loss, since we're not doctors, we can't give you any specific recommendations. But if you scroll through the reviews, you'll see feedback from customers with a variety of medical challenges who experienced great results.

We'd love for you to try out our serums - we stand behind all of our products. So if you try it, and don't love it, it's very easy to return.

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