Why haven't I seen results yet?

Updated 1 year ago by Katie

There are a number of reasons that you might not have seen results. Most people will see results start to appear within 6-8 weeks when applying the serum twice daily. Things that may delay or prevent results include:

  • Using oil-based products around the eye area. Our serums are water-based, so any oil-based products will create a physical barrier that the serum cannot penetrate. If, for example, you remove your makeup with coconut oil or an oil-based makeup remover, any oil that is left on the skin will block the serum.
  • Using our serum immediately after or along with a hormone-based serum. If you've used a hormone-based serum in the past, be sure to allow 4 weeks between the time you last used the hormone-based serum and starting to use ours. Because they work differently, using both at once will decrease or delay results.
  • Using an old tube. If you were happy with your results, but are now seeing them fade away, you may need to swap out your tube. Like mascara, or any other eye-product, you'll want to swap out your tube every 2 months for maximum cleanliness and efficacy.

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